Tuesday, April 22, 2014

we can talk about North Preston's Finest and East Preston's Finest

I was a bit surprised on CBC supper hour news last week to hear the words "North Preston's Finest" spoken. I thought maybe it was a slip or an editing error on the air. You had to watch for it a bit. But it's online too here and here.

It seemed to be a self imposed taboo for the last few years for any local print or broadcast news outlet to ever speak of the rival Preston gangs North Preston's Finest aka NPF and East Preston's Finest aka EPF. I mean I generally don't know anything and I know about NPF and EPF. so the media certainly knows. and I've known going back to the liquordome brawl way back. It's so weird watching the news over the years and its like after hours club shooting here, Preston shooting there, Mineville shooting somewhere else and the media chooses to mislead the public just talking about some unspecified "gang" activity while for whatever reason leaving out key information about specific rival gangs.

Consider some of the other coverage. The media pretty much publishes detailed org charts on the Spryfield Marriott and Melvin groups and everyone is ok with it. and it's not like people apply labels to Spryfield as a whole over it. It's just an activity that a tiny percentage of Spryfield people are involved in. so why the code of silence all these years over NPF and EPF? well I guess now the word is finally out so perhaps we'll be hearing more of them in the months ahead.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

KB Tactical Laser Tag

A little while ago I tried out KB Tactical - Mission Based Laser Tag with the kids. It was really good! Better than I was expecting. It's part of Kartbahn. My younger son had wanted to go for some time. We were at Kartbahn one day and it was a lot of people at racing so we decided to give the laser tag a try.

We had a good time. The laser tag weapons they use are advanced and have a great feel and are a blast to use. The setup of the missions is well designed fast paced and fun. The layout of the arena is good for strategy and exercise and lots of action.

It's not all that well known to me at least that it's there and there's really good laser tag in Bayers Lake but there is. I recommend it and we're planning to go again.