Sunday, September 23, 2012


about Mitt and the 47%. if there was a factual error in the 47 number then why not just post a correction instead of getting all worked up about having to deal with it. otherwise if 47% are paying in nothing and freeriding the other 53% then that's an issue which is worthy of serious discussion.

it took around a century but unionized government public education in Canada has now failed. it has come to this in Toronto. enough of this, there's no hope. at this point the best we can do is just shut down government run education and privatize the whole thing. we couldn't be any worse off.

this week the "leader of the free world" Barack Obama ordered Google to pull a video that Islam disagreed with. Google had the courage to decline. so much for your oath to "defend the constitution" Barack. oh well the 10th amendment went out the window decades ago; so 10th amendment, 1st amendment what's the diff?

I can't believe Pizza Delight is running a new spy music themed commercial. this is so stupid. first of all why have a conspiracy that everyone is in on. who are you conspiring against?

the waste portrayed in these commercials is shocking. all that effort to prepare a good enough to eat meal and then to just waste it. now that it's cooked if you want to eat out why not put it in the fridge and have it tomorrow. the first commercial is even worse where they also write off a knife and a pair of shoes while making a huge mess as the food is intentionally wasted.

it's a shame because Pizza Delight could still do a great family themed commercial around blowing off cooking for a night in favor of a fun dinner at the restaurant. but this cloak and dagger theme with the overproduced music and the ridiculous waste is just poor

Monday, September 10, 2012

A proposal

So it's a new school year. Of course there's a new rule now in Nova Scotia. The rule is in school zones where the limit was 50 km/h; now it's 30 km/h. Got that? Yep just what the people of Nova Scotia need, more rules.

So I got thinking, what would happen if a new provincial party appeared. A party that focused on increasing individual freedom and reducing the burden of rules and restrictions on the people. How would this play, is that what the people want. 1% of the vote, 10% maybe, more? I'm not sure. Anyway there are definitely too many rules against the people and if someone had the courage to just come out and actually say it then many people would connect with what. Well here goes, a proposal.

- delete rule that pharmacies cannot sell smokes
- eliminate requirement of grocery stores having separate smoke shop
- repeal rules around corner stores and visual displays of smokes
- lower smoking age to 14

- eliminate 0.05 and lower driving rules. if you're under 0.08 you're fine to drive, no restrictions
- eliminate "check 25" and other foolish rules. if the limit is 19 to buy then check they look 19

- scratch graduated licensing. once you get your license you can just drive
- repeal seat belt laws
- repeal motorcycle helmet laws
- delete confusing 50 = 30 some of the time speed limit

- delete mandatory ski helmet rule
- repeal mandatory cycling, skateboading, etc helmet rules
- eliminate mandatory helmets at public skates

Thursday, September 06, 2012

lol Elizabeth Warren

Remarkably fauxcahontas from the crocktaw ridge spoke at the DNC. Incredibly she claims the "system is rigged".

Talk about rigging the system. Lily white with blonde hair and blue eyes. She spent her adult life rigging the affirmative action system by posing as an Indian.

The Night Eternal by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan

I finished up reading the del Toro / Hogan vampire trilogy. The third book is The Night Eternal. It was a tremendously good book and outstanding conclusion to the trilogy.

In this book it's two years after The Fall. The vampires under the Master have won. Humanity has been subjugated under vampire domination. The air has been intentionally poisoned with pollution and black rain and only 2 hours a day of weak sunlight. It's only during that time that the vampires have to go and hide.

The vampires no longer go around rampaging, drinking humans dry and turning them into vamps. There are now concentration camps in which serve as blood farms where both fresh blood is produced for the vampire ruling class; as well as baby farms to produce future generations of human blood producers of the preferred B+ blend.

Still the Master's enemies from the earlier books battle on in the underground resistance. The story centers around Professor Setrakian's confederates Eph, Nora, Fet and Gus who were the principals of the earlier books - and of course the Master. The running theme of Eph's struggle for his son Jake's soul runs through the book. Jake has been taken by his mother to the Master who keeps him unturned and human, grooming him for a sinister plan. Also the pseudo-vampire Quinlan is prominent in book III and his fascinating backstory and relationship to the Master is explored.

In the story Fet comes into an armed nuclear bomb sans a detonator. Additionally the resistance still has the Occido Lumen book which, combined with the nuke, may contain the secret to destroying the Master and his undead brood. The book is the story of their attempts to unlock the secrets of the Lumen, acquire a detonator, battle hunger, stay a step ahead of the Master's vampire horde (along with the vampires human accomplices), and come up with a plan destroy the Master and his vampire empire.

The teasers from the first two books about the origin of the vampire Master and the other 6 Ancients is explored in a gripping side tale dating back to biblical times.

It's a superb story, fast paced and really well written. The ending was outstanding. I'd like to see this made into a movie series.

Well that finishes off a multi part book series. I've got a couple more with one book to finish as well. So I should try to get through those too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I took a week off in August. It was nice. Most years I don't get around to taking summer vacation.

I timed it to coincide with some family being in town. Plus there were a few days to myself after they left. It was good to be able to just relax and do family stuff without the distractions of work.

I needed a vacation this year. It's been brutal at work the last few months. A motto of mine going back many years is if you accomplish nothing else on vacation, at least get some rest. And I did that, getting a good nights sleep, not getting up too early, taking lots of break and down time during the days.

I checked and good news I still have 8 days unused for 2012. I've already booked it and like most years will skip out during December before Christmas until January.