Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Your kids may be next

Check out this child welfare case in Winnipeg. The government is attempting to create case law legally establishing "racism" as cause to remove a child from a home.

Of course the sheeple and the media have missed what's really going on here. The government is attempting to establish thoughtcrime as a legal basis to take people's kids away. The implications are far reaching. Once this becomes established law then anyone who expresses any view contrary to the official government line may be faced with having their children taken away. That's a very powerful weapon for the government to have to silence dissent.

Once this becomes law, who decides what "level" of racism is sufficient to remove a child from a home. I would expect that within 5-10 years some or most of the following will be a basis to take a child from the parents.

  • laughing at a racist joke
  • occasionally muttering slurs or epithets
  • failing to publicly support affirmative action
  • inadvertently clicking through to a racist web site

With thoughtcrime legally established as a cause for child removal, then many views which are unpopular today may be intimidated into silence, including

It gets messier. Once this becomes law it will be OK to remove the children of known LTTE Tamil supporters as they are politically unfashionable today. However I'd say there's at least a 5% chance that Bob Rae will become Prime Minister sometime within the 15 years. Bob is believed to be an LTTE sympathizer. What happens then? Will the LTTE kids be returned to their parents and the kids of Sri Lankan government supporters taken away?

I suspect some of the few who have heard of this case are thinking. What do I care about these people? I'm not a racist so I have nothing to worry about. Hey if June Callwood can be labelled a racist then probably so can you.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't simply thought crimes.
They were physically writing symbols on her. They were attempting to brainwash her. They were also physically neglecting her among others things. They were just bad parents and probably do deserve to lose custody. To compare telling a joke to what these parents did is ridiculous.
Also to say you are not racist is not completely true. I've heard your comments.

Anonymous said...

Dude, the step-father is an abusive drunk and the mother just got arrested for fraud. Both kids were being neglected. The racism angle is just something the media has latched on to. These kids definitely needed to be helped.