Sunday, May 29, 2011

RRSP contribution

Some more good news on the investing front recently. At work my employer has extended RRSP matching to 5%, up from 4%. It was advertised in advance and I signed up for it from day one.

As I've written before 100% employer matching is an incredibly good deal for the employee. I basically get a 100% return on whatever of my own money I put in due to the matching, plus the extra income tax refund, plus whatever the investment funds can yield.

Of course this does cause a decrease in my take home pay so I'll have to absorb that into my monthly budgets. Still it's definitely worth doing. I wish I had reached this point about 15 years ago but it's good to get there now. Who knows maybe someday I'll retire.

I had mentioned in the past about doing some alternative type business investments. Those haven't quite materialized yet but I'm still on the lookout and I've still got some ideas.


Speaking of money. I had a strange experience recently my TD Visa was declined at chapters. Well that was weird, and embarrassing. I checked online and as I thought no recent purchases and full $2500 balance available. I thought it might be about playstation network or something. I called customer service and it turned out the old GM card was replaced with a drivers reward card. Somehow they didn't mail me a new card and GM cards are no longer being accepted. New one in the mail so that should be straightened out again.


I went to the new swimming pool in Halifax this weekend. The Canada Games Centre is very nice. The big yellow slide is now open and that was fun. For unknown reason the blue straight down inside slide is still not open so that was a bit disappointing. I wonder what the story is on that. Still a nice visit but I'm not used to swimming and my eyes are a bit sore from the chlorine.


So I have a new phone number. Well at least I'm not at my parent's phone number and haven't been in well let's say a few years. My dad said he was awakened at 3:45 this morning a garbled drunken phone call someone whose name he couldn't make out looking for me. I'm glad he declined to give my current number or I would have probably been awakened then too. Anyway if you don't have my current number just type in my name on facebook and I'm right there. Oh well I wonder who it was. He probably regrets it today.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May run

Well another Victoria Day weekend has passed. It was an ok weekend. got talking to my son's friend's dad who I've known a few years. we agreed it isn't like the old days camping and partying this weekend. but that's what it is. we had our era and we have to yield the stage for the next group, just like the groups before us moved on.

there were some interesting may run. 1989 in Kedge was a good one. 1990 PEI was cold and bad. still some pics from that weekend around. it was a good era the camping age around 1989-1993 Hubbards, parlee beach. a couple of my friends from those camping days have their own cottages now. they've done well for themselves and good for them.


well I guess everyone has some thoughts on Arnold and Maria. I remember back when she was on NBC I could convince myself that Maria was somewhat attractive. But she just looks scary in the recent photos. It's pretty bad she looks like that considering how much she must spend on hair, makeup and clothes. ouch.

I don't see why Arnold would take a break from acting. After all these kids aren't some new recent development so it's really kind of w/e. Plus like actors/athletes/politicians/rockers taking advantage to partake of all the action offered is hardly anything unusual or some big deal. 


I've still got some work to do on the personal side. I misjudged a situation and got burned for it. as usual the hard part will be following through.

Friday, May 13, 2011

went bowling

I went bowling last weekend. It was a good time. I went with my older son and his friend.

We went to Bowlarama in Bayers Road. I hadn't been bowling in a while, around a year. I did well for myself finishing strong with a spare and strike on the last frame. Made a 90 which I'd never done before.

I told the kids some stories about the old days back in high school the midnight bowling at bowlarama. Even last weekend they turned the lights down and had the funky lights just a bit like how I remembered it. I should go out bowling more often.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Canada election

That turned out about as well as could be hoped for.

Harper majority. The Bloc wiped out good riddance. Ruby Dhalla and C-428 gone won't be missed.

So with a majority what's the plan? Here's some suggestions.

First 30 days

repeal the long gun registry. We want it g-o-n-e gone. That's like day 1.

repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act link. better yet repeal the entire act and shut down the federal human rights commission. we already have human rights as defined in the Constitution so we don't need extra "rights" or "courts" to enforce these rights. but let's start with section 13 and restore free speech

first 6 months

eliminate irresponsible 35 year mortgages

over 4 years

eliminate the deficit

eliminate all sovereign debt denominated in other nations currencies including US$, yen, euros, yuan, etc.

chopper in the air. 50 EH-101 or whatever the state of the art is today that can be designed and built in Canada

dramatically streamline the process for refusing entry, and removing terrorists, terrorist sympathizers, criminals from our land. the situation with the al Qaeda mosque in Montreal is terrible. If even spineless Germany kicked out Mohamedou Ould Salahi then certainly Canada should not have been willing to harbour him.

determine a credible succession plan, energetic new leader, and be ready to face the electorate

Monday, May 02, 2011

ding dong the witch is dead

Today I join the world celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden. Good riddance!

Sweet finale too. American steel over the left eye and tossed into the ocean afterward.

Typical of his ilk. All those people he calmly and unflinchingly sent to their death over the years; then when his moment came he died like a coward, hiding behind a woman's skirt as a human shield. He died without honor.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Canada votes

It's pretty certain the next government will not be another Harper minority. They didn't make this minority fall and force this election to achieve that. So it will be either a conservative majority or some type of liberal-ndp-bq coalition. I voted conservative no surprise I'm sure to readers here. So we will see what happens tomorrow.