Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

In the spirit of NBC that time they showed Conan the Barbarian as the Sunday night movie after football on Christmas Sunday back around 1985. Here's my favorite scene from Bad Santa, the reindeer fight.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

club z

Haven't posted much lately. Been busy, hanging out. You know how it is.

I was at the Bay last Saturday getting some Christmas stuff. There were some sales and I got some stuff. At the cash I put in my HBC rewards card - the successor to zellers club z. I was surprised the clerk said I had enough for a $10 gift card. I immediately cashed in 80,000 points ($800 of spending) for the gift card. So that works out to 1.25% cashback as a gift card. Not a bad deal. It's good at zellers, the bay and home outfitters. The gift card didn't last long. I crossed micmac mall to zellers and bought some stuff there and got my $10 off right away. That was my first cash in for club z. I can't remember when I joined, somewhere around 1993.

Speaking of Home Outfitters here's a tip if you're going to get a big ticket item there. Each month you get something at the home-o they give you a 10% off coupon with your receipt good for the next calendar month. So near the end of the month make a small token purchase, say $5 popcorn, and get your 10% off. Then the next month go in with your coupon and get the $400 food processor or whatever big thing you want. So for the $5 purchase you get a discount coupon worth $40 in this case, an excellent deal.

Marco Di Quinzio real estate agent

I'll use this space to put in a good word for Marco Di Quinzio the friendly agent. My parents just completed the sale of their house with Marco. It was a good experience. Marco knows Fairview and has a keen pulse on the market. He was able to have a full price offer on the day it went for sale. That's outstanding in today's market. The process went very smoothly and we were all pleased with the price we got.

I knew of Marco from back in school. He was from the younger group, my younger sister knows him from being in class with him. It was an easy choice to list with Marco and it turned out really well.