Saturday, May 31, 2014

silliest saying in hockey. 2 goal lead is bad

A while back at work this guy was talking about a hockey game one of his children was in. They were in the lead but the other team came back and beat them. He said about it "two goal lead, the worst thing in hockey". or something like that. and it is kind of a conventional wisdom. even a couple of weeks ago on TSN, who ought to know hockey, an announcer referred to a "dreaded two goal lead".

but if you think about it at all you realize how wrong that saying is. it's certainly not universally true. consider this. there's 20 seconds left in the game. would you prefer to be ahead by two goals or down by two?  that actually generalizes to "is there any time in a game where you would prefer to be down two than up by two". hmmm we can see the saying doesn't hold water.

if it was true then that would greatly affect strategy. suppose a game starts and after a few minutes one team scores. if a 2 goal lead is "bad" then the scored on team should then attempt to shoot the puck into their own net to then gain the "advantage" of being down by two. it just shows what a silly and obviously incorrect saying it is in hockey yet people still believe it.