Sunday, May 21, 2006

Camera phone

I've had a cell phone for a few months now. It's a Samsung from my provider Aliant mobility. The phone has been pretty handy at times. It also fits in my pocket fine though I should get a belt clip.

The phone also has a built in digital camera. I haven't tried to use the camera much. I found the setup kind of intimidating. Anyway I read the instructions and I felt a bit more comfortable with it. Then a nice opportunity came up and I took a picture. It turned out OK I'd say.

Getting a picture from the phone to the Internet was not an easy task. The user interface is confusing and not intuitive. After much clicking and some false starts I was able to e-mail it to myself. It also appeared on my Aliant photo album site. I think that was related to the e-mailing.

From the e-mail and much more clicking I was able to save it to my hard drive and edit it with Paint Shop Pro to rotate it 90 degrees. Here is the picture I took.

The children in front are my sons. The pilot of the boat is their Grandfather Otis Dunn, a good man. The picture was taken on Scott's Lake where the Dunns have their home.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I noticed a new round of Viagra commercials lately. The advertising for Viagra and Cialis has changed a bit recently.

They seem to be using more of a "reality" angle lately. Using heriones who are a bit older and more typical looking. The recent 'good morning' Viagra commercials are like this. That female lawyer coming off the bus and the female crossing guard are scary looking! The male hero was not much in the commercial either. Overweight and goofy looking.

No wonder their husbands can't always perform, when the wives look like that. I can see why they could use some Viagra for a bit of help. I suspect a few people using Viagra in the real world are in that type of situation. They may not have a serious medical problem. Their circumstances are just kind of unexciting.

The commercials of a few years back were different. The heroes were these fit, executive looking guys. The heriones looked like second trophy wives. They looked like maybe in their late 30s. There was kind of an unreal fantasy element to them. Now those guys from the older commercials, if their wives look like models and they couldn't perform well then yes they do have a real medical problem and should be taking some prescription drugs to address it.

I suspect they did the herione casting for the older commercials something like this. Round up the women who were in beer commercials from 15-20 years ago. Get the 10% who are the best looking today. Use them in the Viagra commercials.

So while the current batch of Viagra and Cialis commercials may be closer to how it is in the real world, I must say I liked the older commercials better. Like the beer commercials, there is that slight fantasy element to them. Besides, I'd rather see beautiful women in commercials than average looking women.