Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gaetz Brook Graham Creighton fight

Over on facebook I picked up that there was a fight at Gaetz Brook jr high on Wednesday. A carload of Graham Creighton jr high toughs came out looking for trouble and found it.

First of all Carole Olsen still needs to go. By siding with the bullies in the first place in the original Ken Fells incident she has undermined Fells and apparently created a culture glorifying the dominant bully at Graham Creighton. Thank you Carole Olsen. Now please leave.

As we saw in the original Fells incident, there is just one effective way to deal with the aggressive Graham Creighton bully. Stand your ground.

If the bully shoves you shove back, harder.

If the bully throws a punch you punch back.

If a carload of them show up on your schoolyard, your turf, during the school day to rumble then you know what you need to do. Be a man. Stand and fight. To their credit that's what enough of the Gaetz Brook did and they kicked their Graham Creighton asses back to the projects.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Halifax university news

There were a couple of stories involving Halifax universities on ATV recently worth commenting on.

Nice move by SMU to get funding for women's hockey. It was a beautifully played bluff by SMU. That team wasn't going anywhere. The reality is hockey is expensive. Men's hockey and men's football have corporate support and if the fans will support it then women's hockey is also deserving of sponsorship. Nice job by the corporate community as well to step up. SMU is a sports school like it or not and is expected to be nationally competitive in the big sports in men's and women's teams.

Speaking of sponsorship. Like many I was glad to see the HRM skating oval will be back. But ouch at the price tag, $4 million up front. So much for $150k a year tops back in January lol. So fine with me if Molson, du Maurier, etc want to put up substantial amounts of money for signage, naming rights etc. Let's not argue with a man who is trying to give you money. It's still the oval so no need to get all militant and pious over nothing.

Then Dal, sigh. ATV had the story that Dal is axing the learning disabilities tutors. wtf?? How did this ever get created in the first place? I mean is the doctrine of no child left behind supposed to apply to adults and the university level now? IPPs for university students; does not compute!

I wasn't sure what to make of the ATV story. Maybe it was a level. Look at the "university students" they featured. One guy is in his eighth year. Another is taking an apparently rudimentary statistics course for the third time. Sheesh, dare I suggest these people just aren't "university material" and should take a more realistic education or work path based on their abilities.

Monday, March 28, 2011


I recently watched the first season of cable tv series Californication. A guy at work watched it through one weekend and he thought I would like it. He was right it is pretty good. I'd never heard of it until my friend from work got talking about it.

It's the story of a semi famous writer Hank transplanted from New York to Los Angeles. His ex live in who is the mom of their 13 year old girl has left him to marry a wealthy man in LA. Hank is a drunk who gets around and lives the fast life while hating it there on the west coast. When the series opens Hank hasn't written anything in several years - but does well enough on royalties from his serious novels butchered into cheesy movies. With Karen gone Hank finds he misses her and dreams of getting her back.

It was a bit of a tricky series. The writers had to be careful to keep Hank from being Ross on Friends; that guy who sat sadly on the couch all those years wishing and hoping he could get back together with Rachel. So to toughen up Hank he gets into at least one fistfight per episode. Some he wins, some he loses - but he stands up and fights.

The series is a bit over the top LA scene at times. Hank and his agent get around with the ladies who are all beautiful. However if you notice there is a cautionary tale element to Hank's loose encounters and flings.

  • the headlight on his Porsche is smashed by the husband of a woman he was with. then he looked bad in front of his ex and child showing up to pick up his daughter with no pants on after his hasty escape
  • one lady turned out to be 16 he found out later
  • a grifter drugged him and took his guitar and vinyl record collection after an encounter
  • one bar lady turned out to be a prostitute. modern Hank had plastic but no cash on him. that got him beaten up by her pimp until his agent showed up to bail him out

 I've been getting through around 1 episode per day. I'm done season one now. I'm not sure where they could even take season two after the cliffhanger ending to the first season. Note if you do watch it this is for after the kids are asleep with the sound down and the remote handy. It's Showtime so they say and show a lot.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Well it's Friday.

Quebec school employee in porn movie. I would think what she does in her own time is her own business. I suppose it could be a distraction at the school if the principal was too weak to manage the teenage boys but that's his responsibility. Perhaps a back office job where it wouldn't be a distraction to herself and students would be in order. But in the mean time no reason for her to be suspended with pay or suspended at all.

The thing is that going back to the Malcolm Ross case, there is an established precedent that what school staff do in their own personal time can lead to firing if certain parties deem it not politically correct. If Ross can be fired for his unfashionable personal beliefs then this woman can be fired too. Be careful what you wish for. Maybe you'll be next.


Computer programmer loses $850k to prostitute. wow. I mean where does a disabled software developer come up with $850 thousand. I never had $850.00 to my name for most of the time I've been a computer programmer (sure I was married though, but still $850,000!)

What a donkey though the male is here. Since he's in software I'll suggest this simple algorithm.

  1. give a hooker some money
  2. get laid
  3. (stictly optional) after a while go back and repeat step 1, possibly with a different girl
I really have no sympathy for Macklem. I think he needs some advice from LT in the post below about how to manage these "relationships".

The whole case is bogus really. When he went to the cops they should have told him to be a man and take responsibility for his bad life decisions and bad business decisions. It was his choice to get into a relationship with a known hustler. It was his choice to cash out his entire savings, RRSPs and home equity on dodgy investments that he had to know were questionable. Nobody forced him to do that and I don't see him as a victim at all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lawrence Taylor outta jail

All right, no jail time for the great man Lawrence Taylor. Sweet!

some of his comments in the espn story are classic.

"It's the world of prostitution," he (Taylor) said during the Fox News interview. "You never know what you're gonna get. Is it gonna be a pretty girl, an ugly girl or whatever it's gonna be."

"You can only ask," Taylor said. "I don't card them. I don't ask for a birth certificate."

ahh LT, still living on his terms. Some football player. In his prime the greatest defensive player ever.


Here's an interesting post I saw today. In Quebec political correctness now trumps the rule of law. The law is clear in Quebec. This is the money quote Quebec is "the only province that does not recognize common-law unions"

Feminists are political correct militants are now trying to bypass the elected Quebec legislature and create raw law out of thin air. Just because other provinces have it; and they want it. Well too bad Quebec is a distinct society and the legislature has chosen this course over the objection of certain vocal interest groups. No wonder the PQ feel Quebec needs to be their own country. How can they be the master of their own house when unelected activist judges can impose their own agenda on the people of Quebec.

I'm hoping for "Eric" who is very commonly believed to be Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque de Soleil and high stakes poker player.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Libya no fly zone

I don't know why USA is so keen to intervene in the situation in Libya.

It is especially insensitive as this is the 150th anniversary of the Republic of Texas declaring independence from the United States. Followed by the illegal civil war and invasion of Texas. Imagine if other nations had intervened back then. Why would USA get involved in this matter?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Libya and all that

So what to make of Egypt, Libya, etc. It reminds me some of 1989 when the Eastern Bloc communists fell rather quickly.

Unfortunately I don't have as much optimism for the emerging post-strongman era in the middle east. I'm not sure what to expect will come out of it. Maybe not a lot of good for us here in the west.

I remember the good old days back in school in like the 80s. Pretty much every month in Africa or South America it would be something. Dictator of the month here. Coup there. Military junta somewhere else. And we would snicker at them. But it didn't matter safe and sound here at home. It was just trouble in a faraway land.

And that's how I want to feel about the middle east. Unfortunately because we depend on their oil we don't have the luxury to leave them to their folly. So we need to do what we've needed to do since at least 1973. Break the dependence on their oil. Yes that means mine coal, we need to drill oil and we need to go nuclear. And I know what's going on in the gulf of Mexico and Japan. Still we need to do it.

These people are not reliable partners. They proved it in 1973, in 1990, on 9/11, and they continue to prove it today. Plus they despise us as kafirs.

The thing about oil is that the barrel price is not accurate as it does not account for externalities such as wars. If the true cost was counted then that would make home developed energy very competitive.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gave blood

I'd been meaning to go down and donate blood for a long time. Notwithstanding the annoying and persistent phone calls from the blood service. It had been a while. That card stuck on my fridge, December 2009 last visit.

It was a bit easier in the past they used to come out to a clinic where I lived. They also used to set up at BIO when I worked in that building.

But there's a new positive development. They just opened a clinic at Bayers Road shopping centre. With good hours too, open to 7 Monday-Thursday. I took it as a sign it was time to go donate. So I went down, no appointment but I was lucky there were some cancels so I was able to go right through.

The experience was about as I remembered. It is a nice facility. Nurse said my blood pressure is ok. I was able to finish in around 6 minutes. Nice rest area with sweets afterward, about the best part of donating. Even the questions the nurse asks beforehand were not as sigh as usual  if you know what I mean.

My card says I can come back April 28. I'm not so sure about that but I definitely plan to be back before the next 15 months.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

HRM skating oval

I noticed it was March today and I realized I hadn't even been down to the skating oval. That's pretty bad. I did go down tonite though.

It was really good. I'm glad I went. I should try to get down there once more this season. I hope they can find a way to bring this back next winter.

It was chilly out tonite but not terribly cold. I stopped in Quinpool road McDonalds after for a free coffee. I hadn't been in that McDonalds in quite a while. It was different than I remembered it.