Monday, June 05, 2006

First communion

A little while back my older son did his first communion. It went well. There were around 16 children going through. We had good sunny weather that day. All the children looked nice. We had a nice time afterward back at my house with lots of relatives coming over.

Now I'm not Catholic, but my wife is and my two sons are. I am a Godfather twice now though, which is still a bit strange to me.

Now I can't talk about communion without telling my favorite church story. Back when I was in high school me and some friends were big football fans. We still are big football fans of course. Anyway I liked the Jets and my friend Danny has a huge Steelers fan.

Now Danny was Catholic and he went to the Catholic church which was across the street from my house. That church didn't start Sunday service until a bit later. Usually it was a bit past 1 PM when they finished up. That was fine because it was around a 10 minute walk from the Church to Danny's place, and in Halifax the Sunday game doesn't start until 2 PM. So there was plenty of time to go to church and be home in time for the NFL kickoff.

On one particular Sunday we were getting the Steelers on NBC for the 2 PM Sunday game. Unfortunately the catholic service was running long that day, well past 1 PM. Danny didn't want to miss any of the Steelers game. So at communion he went to the front and got his food and drink. However when he went to the back of the hall to return to his seat, he instead just ducked out the door and left.

As you can imagine, Danny said his mother was quite angry with him for skipping out of church early. Danny said about it "the Steelers were on". Me and the other football fans totally understood why Danny did what he did. The priest should have been more careful anyway to wrap it up in time for kickoff, it was the Steelers.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Skateboarding night

I took my sons to skateboarding night at the local rink. It is a pretty cool thing they have. They have a bunch of ramps and such set up in the multi purpose room for the skateboarders. The attendees range from ages 8 to around 17. Sometimes someone older or younger will be there. Some of the skateboarders are quite good. My older son has gone a few times this winter. He has improved a lot. My younger son has gone twice. He likes it.

The last time we went, it was my sons and my older sons friend. They were all on skateboards.

My older son on his skateboard. That one came out a bit blurry. The camera phone isn't very good.

The three of them.

Friend Laughlin.

My younger son with his skateboard.

The bottom of a skateboard.

Thomas with his skateboard.