Thursday, April 24, 2008

The women went in Nova Scotia

So the tv show The week the women went is coming to Nova Scotia. oh joy.

What a joke. This is so typical today's pervasive militant feminist agenda that dominates the media. At least the gloves are off now. In the earlier series it was presented as character and community building, a coming together. In the Comical Herald article there is no such pretense. This is straight up women eagerly wishing to skip out on their usual responsibilities for a few days of pampering and R & R.

I used to think there couldn't possibly be a worse newspaper than the Ottawa Citizen. I think with the demise of the Daily News the Herald might just about be there.

This type of constant media brainwashing has been part of our society for a long time. I'm not really surprised how cowed and passive today's society is that nobody questions or challenges a militant show like this. If you look a bit though you can come across some truth at sites like nomarriage.

As to the show. Of course if someone is being counted on to do certain tasks, it will be disruptive if they are no longer around to do that job. There's nothing interesting or unusual there. That happens on any job site where an individual of any usefulness goes on vacation. It can be disruptive for those left behind to do that person's work. The quality and quantity of work done, both in their regular tasks and the tasks they take over for the person who is away will be less. So what?

Here's some similar follow on series I suggest. Let's see how eager the CBC will be to put these on the air.

The week the men went
In this show the guys skip out to a lodge, taking with them their paycheques and prescription drug plans.

After a great week of hunting, fishing, golf, playing cards, video games, watching hockey, and drinking beer the men decide to stay on for good and not return to their previous lives.

In the last scene, the series ends with a keg being wheeled in on a Saturday night for a raucous party and to enjoy some hockey. Following right behind the keg is three strippers who will also be providing some evening entertainment.

The week the women came back
After skipping out on their duties the wives return. In an opening scene the returning wife opens the door and is surprised to learn she has been replaced by a young thin foreign bride. The house is clean and supper is ready right at 5:00 when the husband returns from work. Original wife is informed her services are no longer required and she is now free to pursue her own pleasures all the time.

Comedy ensues as the returnees adjust to their new lives. One woman who liked to frequently ride her SUV up to McDonald's for take out now finds herself working that takeout window. She ends up serving the new bride driving up in her old SUV for the once a month treat eat out night.

Another lady who liked to sit on her expensive couch and chatter on the phone during the daytime while watching Oprah and Dr Phil now finds herself talking on the phone during the daytime at a call center at her new $10 an hour job.


Anonymous said...

I think you are stuck in the 1950's. Even then, a man knew how to be a man and stand up for his family and take care of them. Now, most men can't even do that. Nowadays, women work outside the home PLUS do everything they used to do. Men have it easy, they're not expected to do what they used to do plus do nothing else. I wouldn't mind being a guy and having a wife ("mother") to take care of everything.
In your man show, the wife would notice no difference, except that she now doesn't have a man child to look after. Maybe she would smartin up and realize she deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Look sweetie, we're not all man-children who don't know how to take care of our families. Just because you were foolish enough to get with some guy who's a pig doesn't mean you get to judge us all. Perhaps if you spent some time communicating with your man rather than whining about your bad life choices on random blogs, you might get some better results.

That said, del squared does have some pretty whacked out ideas about women too.

You both reek of bitterness. Life is way too short to worry about TV shows or to get pissed that some guy didn't hold a door for you at the mall.

In the immortal words of Trooper,

If you dont like what you got, why dont you change it?
If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it.