Sunday, June 19, 2005

One more time

I saw the "hit me baby one more time" last Thursday for the first time. That was different. It was pretty good. Yes, better than American Idol.

I thought Wang Chung and Howard Jones were technically the best and sounded the best. They all sounded good though. And Sophie and Irene looked good.

Next time I might just watch the first half where they play their hits, the songs I care about. The second half was a bit of a washout, and the energy level in the crowd was a bit less. I didn't know or care about any of the contemporary songs except Howard Jones nice cover of Dido. The rest was just noise to me.

Lots of crowd shots by the cameras. I noticed all the crowd shots seemed to be of good looking women wearing fashionable dresses. I ain't complaining about it. I wonder if the producers planted models in the crowd for some of those shots - if they did that's fine with me.

Irene was a deserving enough winner. She had a big advantage that her song was the biggest hit. That Flashdance song strikes a deep chord in a lot of people. People may have been voting for the song they liked the best over the merits of the performances. What a feeling was my favorite of the original hit songs so I wasn't upset to hear it again at the end.

what a ripoff

Look at the June 9 Atlantic Payday payout. $2 a ticket and not a single $1,000 winner. Let alone $10,000 , $50,000 , or set for life.

Luckily I got my ticket for free courtesy of Ultramar reveal a deal. Thanks Ultramar. I did win $2. I kept the money.

Do not waste your money playing the lottery. It is a ripoff.


Also don't play the video lotto. You'll just lose money. Years ago, I knew someone whose mother owned a bar we sometimes went to. She said that when she saw how much money the bar was making off the VLTs she never played them again.

Think about it, the VLTs wouldn't be there if the bar lost money on them.