Friday, May 27, 2005

Rob, Amber and the Teletubbies

So Rob and Amber got married. Somehow I missed it. I also missed the Amazing Race, Survivor All Stars, and the original Survivors where Rob and Amber originally appeared. Oh well. Somehow I don't regret missing any of it.

My older son was born in 1998. When he was very young, he liked to watch the Teletubbies. I also happened to like the Teletubbies. My son liked the Noo-noo the best.

I would watch the Teletubbies and think to myself that they had kind of a self-referential existance. The Teletubbies job was to be the Teletubbies - to go through their lives just being themselves in their own space. Enough people found them interesting to watch to make it economically viable.

Rob and Amber have now achieved this as regular people. Their job is to go through life as Rob and Amber and their experiences are recorded as they go and apparently enough people watch to make it worth showing. So their "job" then is to appear as themselves on reality tv shows.

Thanks but no thanks. I much prefer the Teletubbies. The original and more interesting.

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