Sunday, June 19, 2005

One more time

I saw the "hit me baby one more time" last Thursday for the first time. That was different. It was pretty good. Yes, better than American Idol.

I thought Wang Chung and Howard Jones were technically the best and sounded the best. They all sounded good though. And Sophie and Irene looked good.

Next time I might just watch the first half where they play their hits, the songs I care about. The second half was a bit of a washout, and the energy level in the crowd was a bit less. I didn't know or care about any of the contemporary songs except Howard Jones nice cover of Dido. The rest was just noise to me.

Lots of crowd shots by the cameras. I noticed all the crowd shots seemed to be of good looking women wearing fashionable dresses. I ain't complaining about it. I wonder if the producers planted models in the crowd for some of those shots - if they did that's fine with me.

Irene was a deserving enough winner. She had a big advantage that her song was the biggest hit. That Flashdance song strikes a deep chord in a lot of people. People may have been voting for the song they liked the best over the merits of the performances. What a feeling was my favorite of the original hit songs so I wasn't upset to hear it again at the end.

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