Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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I just got back from vacation in Prince Edward Island. I have nothing but good to say about it.

We stayed in a cabin in Cavendish. It was good. We went to Rainbow Valley, Santa's Village, the wax museum, Ripley's museum, Cavendish Beach and a lobster supper. We also managed to meet up with my cousins who happened to be in PEI as well when we were there. Sunny the entire time.

I didn't get to golf. We had six people and only one van. Plus we arrived on Monday and left Thursday so we only had two full days there. No great loss on the golf. I don't really want to play poorly like I have been so I didn't really want to play.

The week off was good. I haven't taken a summer vacation in a while, 1999 maybe was the last time I took a full week off in summer. I think I'll be taking at least a week in summer going forward.

When I arrived at work this Monday I was in an unusually optimistic mood. I guess the much-needed break did me some good.

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