Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PC MasterCard

My President's Choice MasterCard is now paid off. Well kind off paid off. Much of it was moved to another place. But there was some left over on the card which I've now paid off. Now that it's paid off I cut up and canceled the card.

It's a small step back toward financial health. There's still a TD and MBNA card to deal with, in addition a car loan and some other crap. So a long and difficult road ahead, but at least I feel I'm moving in the right direction, reducing debt instead of adding to it. The TD and MBNA balances are higher and will take a while to get rid of. I hope be able to update this space to report their successful pay off.

Good riddance PC MasterCard, you brought nothing but misery and hard times into my life. I look forward to never having to interact with you again!

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