Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last day dinner

At work we had the last day lunch for a fellow who is leaving to go to graduate school. I didn't attend.

The thing it is was kind of overdone. It was on a Saturday night at an Arabian restaurant in Burnside. The cost was $25 + drinks for a three hour event. I had other plans on that evening so I declined the RSVP. I would have declined anyway without plans. I've only worked with him for around three months [the others have more history going back several years]. Still I can't imagine making that kind of time and money commitment for any co-worker. Although it seems a good crowd did go out to see him off.

Here's some common sense tips to get the largest attendance at a last day lunch.

- have it on a Friday

- make it at 12 noon

- make it as close as possible to the office. Preferably in walking distance. If that's not possible then within a 5 minute drive; with plenty of free and convenient parking.

- have it at a casual family style restaurant. Smitty's is a personal favorite of mine. Other good choices using Bayers Lake as an example would be Jack Astors, Boston Pizza, Eastside Mario's, Redwood Grill, Montana's, Lone Star, Swiss Chalet, Applebees to name a few. You get the idea.

- keep the cost reasonable. People don't mind paying for their own, but it should be possible to get a respectable lunch with a [pop] beverage for $10 - $15, and certainly less than $20.

- the last day person eats for free. If the company is not paying then the manager should pay out of his own pocket [perq of being manager].

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