Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yard sale shopping

I did some yard sale shopping today. It was a bit by accident. I was looking for a level and a stud finder. I was going to go to Canadian Tire to check prices in the morning.

Instead I didn't really feel like it. The weather was mild and cloudy, great for a run. So I went for a run and took a different route than usual, going over some new areas. I happened on a yard sale on toward the last part. I dropped by and he had all kinds of good stuff, especially tools and garage stuff.

So I went home and grabbed some money and went back in my car. I ended up getting a level, a cordless drill, drill bits, a huge roll of wrapping twine.

I ended up getting some other stuff as well. I got a vintage aluminum Prince tennis racket in good shape.

I'm not sure why I got it. It was only $2. I've always wanted the Princely racket so now I have one I guess. Maybe I'll luck into a Mercedes Benz or Kawasaki Ninja some day for $200 and I can fulfill that childhood dream as well. Now I feel like playing tennis. I haven't played since the 1990s. My friend who I used to play against a lot is in town and on Facebook. I should look him up.

Plus I picked up a painting there. It was listed on the back as $200 and he sold it for $10. The story on it is that it used to belong to a south end lawyer. When the lawyer moved from a house to a condo most of the stuff in his basement [like the tools mentioned above, which were nice MasterCraft and little used] ended up with the Fairview yard sale guy somehow.

I'm tempted to put it on Kijiji and see if I can speculate it for a profit but I think I'll keep it. It does have the cachet of being owned by a south end lawyer. My little piece of culture. I still need the stud finder but thinking about Kijiji I'll check there before I buy new.

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