Monday, November 16, 2009

orange julius

I got a little treat for myself recently. I got an orange julius at Halifax shopping centre. Actually it was a strawberry julius. It was as good as I remember them. I used to get them often back at Bayers Road shopping centre a long time ago. Although in the last 20 years or so it's not too often.

I was out shopping. I picked up some levi's dockers 30% off at the bay. I got a Lorus watch at the halifax watch co 20% off. I also went to wal-mart and price club for kleenex, soap and similar mundane supplies.

I'm just about done my mini shopping spree. About the only item left is a black leather belt. Probably Sears would be good for that. I should also get a long sleeve collar shirt. When I got out my fall clothes I had to toss around 4-5 shirts that are too short in the sleeves. I could use a new polo shirt or two; I haven't had a new one in several years.

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