Tuesday, February 16, 2010

new computer

I now have a new PC at my home. My old computer died so I got a new one.

I got a Dell. I ordered it on the web from work. I got an Inspiron. I hope it turns out to be an inspired choice. It's been running well so far, pretty fast and windows 7 seems pretty good.

I've always wanted a Dell since I went to work in IT over 10 years ago. The Dell I had at the various offices over the years were always fast and reliable it seemed. I hope this one can last a few years.

One thing I missed from my old PC is the software. This computer doesn't have microsoft office and office is expensive so I'll have to come up with some plan for that. I'm also missing the nero photo editor so something else I've used that I need to look for.

It took nearly two weeks from placing the order to now that I have the computer. During that time I missed the Internet at home. Although I did read a bit more and was able to get to bed earlier.


Oliver said...

You could become an OpenOffice user ...

Rob said...

I've downloaded OpenOffice and I'm going to give it a try.