Monday, November 01, 2010

KFC double down

The KFC double down is now finally in Canada. I had one over the weekend. It was pretty tasty. The chicken was a bit spicier than I expected. It was pretty filling.

[x] would get it again


I caught a tv show over the weekend. I watched an episode of desperate housewives.

[ ] would watch again

I watched it somewhat regularly for about a season maybe back around 2004. I recognized the 4 original principals. There were some new characters. I was a bit surprised the show is still pretty consistent to its original form after all these years.

The weekend episode though, I didn't see it through to the end. I turned it off after around 40 minutes. It was painful to watch. It just seemed like "a very special housewives", jump the shark style. They explored one character's elderly mom is realized to have dementia, that was of course emotional.

They did explore the issue of the sexless contemporary marriage quite well in the other JTS subplot. It was presumably an allegory on contemporary married life. A woman had married a man while he was in jail. On his apparent unexpected release the husband was after his wife to act like, well, his wife. Alas wifey had a different view of it and felt it was her entitlement to refuse, while continuing to live off his paycheques of course.

After wasting time and money on expensive modern Dr Phil/Oprah style counselling "wife" continues to refuse action. Husband quickly cuts his losses and throws her out in an uplifting scene. Good riddance to her! I hope that doesn't give anyone any ideas.

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