Wednesday, December 22, 2010

club z

Haven't posted much lately. Been busy, hanging out. You know how it is.

I was at the Bay last Saturday getting some Christmas stuff. There were some sales and I got some stuff. At the cash I put in my HBC rewards card - the successor to zellers club z. I was surprised the clerk said I had enough for a $10 gift card. I immediately cashed in 80,000 points ($800 of spending) for the gift card. So that works out to 1.25% cashback as a gift card. Not a bad deal. It's good at zellers, the bay and home outfitters. The gift card didn't last long. I crossed micmac mall to zellers and bought some stuff there and got my $10 off right away. That was my first cash in for club z. I can't remember when I joined, somewhere around 1993.

Speaking of Home Outfitters here's a tip if you're going to get a big ticket item there. Each month you get something at the home-o they give you a 10% off coupon with your receipt good for the next calendar month. So near the end of the month make a small token purchase, say $5 popcorn, and get your 10% off. Then the next month go in with your coupon and get the $400 food processor or whatever big thing you want. So for the $5 purchase you get a discount coupon worth $40 in this case, an excellent deal.

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