Sunday, February 19, 2012


I got a credit limit increase on my TD Visa this week. It's a bit different now under the new regs the banks can't just unilaterally grant increases. Instead they put this note on my statement saying "you may be eligible" with a special 800 number.

So I call and it's a pre approved offer of an increase. So technically I agreed to the limit increase and they were careful to get my consent to it. I was a bit surprised they said increase $5000. I thought that's ok since I was at $2500. But she meant it was an increase of $5000 to $7500. Sounds fine to me. My balance is $0 and I intend to keep it that way. Still it's nice to have it as a just in case or if there is some sudden and short term business or travel or purchase opportunity this gives me some more options.


Ball hockey starts tomorrow. Yeah the ball hockey that I retired from nearly 2 years ago. I got a message from the organizer who I know they were looking for players for the second half of the season. I originally said I'm content to stay retired. Then I got another message from another friend about it so I took it as a sign. That and I got a jock bag which I needed from the donation laundry room in my building. Luckily I had a pair of former running shoes in usable shape so I don't need to get any gear.

So I'll plan to go back as a 1-off for the winter season. 10 regular season games plus 1-2 playoff games. It's $50 now blech. I'm slower and rustier now than before. My plan is to just try to have fun and don't worry about personal results.


I made something different tonight for me. It was shake n bake pork chops. It actually turned out pretty well. I hadn't made pork chops in like forever so slowly expanding a little bit I guess. Shake n bake is a wonderful invention.

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