Monday, November 26, 2012

same old Halifax school board

new school year, same old story. this week the Halifax school board fired a bus driver for breaking up a fight on the bus. typical disgraceful and disgusting behaviour by the HRSB. as usual trying to make history while instead just being on the wrong side of it.

I was hoping for change after the recent elections and the long overdue departure of Carole Olsen (good riddance). alas the bureaucracy is perpetual and it's the same old embarrassing story in Halifax. in my district the school board incumbent ran unopposed. you get the government you vote for

I don't even understand what she supposedly did wrong. there was a fight on the bus. she broke up the fight and sent one fighter to the front to separate the combatants. so what's even the problem. it's bizarre, Kafkaesque even by the standards of the modern education system

can someone explain to me the difference between Heather Vidito and Ken Fells. because if it's not about race then why was Vidito thrown under the bus?

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