Sunday, December 16, 2012


turns out crime pays in Nova Scotia. Peter Speight pulled down in the neighbourhood of a quarter million tax money to go away. nice work if you can get it, he's set. one has to wonder how serious Speight was about returning to work given the environment he knew he would have faced. so it was a good negotiation ploy on his side

over on supper hour news the lovely Amy Smith has surpassed Cindy Day and is the diva of dinnertime news. did Amy get a new stylist or was she always this good looking and I somehow never noticed. there's approximately one reason to watch CBC news and it's Amy Smith

I'm on vacation now until January. finally, much needed. much to do still to get ready. looking forward to a change in January, I'm joining a new team. also on the plus side up to 4 weeks vacation in 2013. starting off by using one of the extra days on Jan 2 as going back to work on the 2nd is blah

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