Thursday, February 14, 2013

The greatness of Optico wipes

There's a remarkably good screen wipe. It's Optico wipes. I discovered them at work they have them in the office supplies.

This is superior technology. They are awesome for eyewear, electronics, monitor, flat screen tv, game console, keyboard, mouse, joystick, cell phone, tablet, computer desk, printer, speakers. They produce a real dust and grime grabbing clean.

I was looking for them for my own use at home. Alas they are a bit hard to find despite being such a great product. I felt like buying them and trying to retail them locally they are so good. You can find them at Staples under the brand name iCloth in the computer cleaning section if you look. It's $10 for a 40 pack which is ok for a premium product.

The best price on Optico wipes is interestingly at Henry's the photography place. With Henry's it's only $3 for a 16 pack. The catch is $10 shipping on orders under $50. What you could do is post on Facebook asking your friends to go in together on an order. If a few people go in for 2-3 boxes each then together you will get to the free shipping threshold and get the great price.

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