Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The reducto ad absurdium of government health care in Nova Scotia

It would be comic if it wasn't so tragic. This week a series of errors were revealed in Nova Scotia cancer treatment. highlights include one person getting a needless mastectomy while another who was supposed to didn't get the operation. Also there was apparently a mixup around biopsies between two other people and someone got scheduled for another person's procedure.

The whole thing is pretty unsurprising, given the money line from the article "no one will be disciplined as a result of these incidents". yep see you tomorrow, hey it's just cancer and everyone dies eventually of something so whatever.

the quote was hardly necessary. the media has been so passivized and cowed by the monopoly health care system that I haven't seen a single call for accountability for this or anyone to be fired or even disciplined. not in the herald and not on atv news either. just vague calls for more spending.

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Barbara Chaulk said...

"It would be comic if it wasn't so tragic."

Del, most of what happens in life is tragic redundancy. And when we accept it all as mundane, that is the real tragedy. Sadly we are at that point, when the outrageous no longer outrages. We are numb, each cloaked in shades of desperation. When someone gets a needless mastectomy, we shutter our eyes and give thanks that it didn't happen to us. Somewhere there is a scalpel waiting for each of us. Until then we live in little bubbles of bliss enjoying the notion that we matter.
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