Friday, September 13, 2013

Fracking in Nova Scotia

So there's an election coming up in Nova Scotia. One issue that's discussed is about energy and related power rates.

There seem to be a couple schemes being floated. one is to pipeline oil from Alberta to the east. another is to build an undersea cable from the Muskrat Falls project in Labrador to deliver electricity to Nova Scotia. also seems to be some Quebec power scheme lurking in the wings

these ideas to me all sound crazy. it would cost many billions to even set this infrastructure up before the first watt of power actually arrived here. and after what happened in Quebec I don't know why people are so eager to try to move oil such a vast distance from Alberta

there seems to be an agreed code of silence between the political parties and the media about fracking in Nova Scotia. the NDP has made it clear by their actions they don't want fracking, and that's their mandate. but what about the other parties? and why doesn't the media at least ask?

it's crazy to bring power from Newfoundland and Alberta when the same energy is sitting right here in our own land. fracking is safe, mature technology. they've been doing it in Michigan for over 50 years and their lakes and rivers are still pristine.

if this election like every election is allegedly about jobs and growing the economy as the politicians claim blah blah blah then why not frack and actually do something that would create the high paying industrial rural blue collar union jobs right here in Nova Scotia instead of in other provinces or overseas?

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Anonymous said...

The technology used in current day fracking operations is not the same as that used in the 1940's. When people insist that the process has been around for years and used successfully, they are misstating the facts. It is a relatively new process that uses deeper drilling and harsher chemicals. The chemicals used are exempt from the Clean Water Act by what is called the "Halliburton Loophole." It was an exemption that VP Dick Cheney ran through when he was in control. The oil and gas companies refuse to take any responsibility for the ill health they leave behind, so, of course, there would be denials that human health was impacted, but meet the people who live near wells yourself. Talk to them before you make the decision to allow frackers in your community. Thank you to all who are wise enough to keep them out!