Wednesday, March 26, 2014

new home page - Protopage

so my Yahoo home page that I'd been with for many years just abruptly vanished this week. thanks Yahoo!

I don't know why Yahoo would shut down the home pages. they hadn't added any features in years except more and larger ads. so they can't be spending much time or money on it. I've seen many thousands of ads off my Yahoo home page and even clicked on a few here and there over the years.

oh well so I have to move on. after a bit of searching for a new home for my bookmarks and rss feeds I found some good reviews for Protopage. I'm now set up with Protopage as my new browser home page. It was very easy and even a little bit fun to work with. Like I said I don't have a lot of content, just links to the sites I visit most days like Dilbert, and some RSS feeds for news and such. I now get a lot of news, especially local news, from Twitter.

For the news feeds I wanted to cut off Yahoo so they don't get any ad impressions off me. I went with CTV news feeds to start out to give them a try. my feeds are top stories, Canada, world, and Atlantic Canada.

so +1 to Protopage I recommend.

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