Friday, December 04, 2015

Corolla 100k

An important milestone recently passed on my car. My 2010 Toyota Corolla just passed the 100,000 kilometres mark on the odometer. I got the car a bit over a year ago. It's run pretty well. There was a thing I got fixed during the summer with brake caliper is the biggest thing I've had done. For the most part it's run well with few problems.

I took it to Rust Check today. At 5 years old it's probably about that time. They were good there. Friendly and finished fast despite it being a busy day there at the shop. I hadn't been there before but would go back. If the weather is dry tomorrow I'll put the winter tires on. I've got my own rims now and can do it yourself on the winter tires change. Not sure why I didn't figure that out years ago, oh well.

So 5 years old and 100,000 km. About 20,000 a year. That's the same rate I had on the old Honda Civic which got up to 200,000. That was a good car that 2005 Civic. At this rate if the Corolla goes 3 more years it will be 8 years old and 160,000 and I would be pleased with it. Anything from there is bonus. That's very reachable for a Corolla from what I hear, and I've tried to take care of the car so it will last, not drive it too hard.

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Anonymous said...

If you put your own tires on, you have to make sure the bolts are very tight. Even at the shops they recommend stopping back in after driving 25 minutes or so to get the bolts checked again for loosening up. They check it for free. They would check yours for free too.