Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hillary's health from 3 AM to today

Remember 2008 and Hillary's 3 AM phone call ads. In those ads the phone rings at 3 AM, it's some kind of national crisis. But no worries, Hillary is there to respond. Up and alert and ready for action at 3 AM.

I also remember the informal campaign theme song. I am woman hear me roar. It seems such a long time ago now eight years. Recently I chanced to see a 2008 photo of Hillary. She was noticeably thinner and still had blonde hair then. 

Today there's no talk of roaring, late night phone calls or anything about Hillary's vigour and energy. Walking pneumonia and needing considerable assistance getting into the van. Well she is 68, and basically looks and seems 68. Hillary's moment, her pinnacle, really was hear me roar in 2008. Then somehow something happened and here we are today eight years later. This really should be Hillary's sendoff into history after completing her historic term. But instead she slogs on, spurred ahead by her vanity, ego, and oversized sense of entitlement. Remember it was not that long ago she promised she would not seek public office again?

Consider the decline in Hillary's health and vigour between 2008 and today. Then she wants to be president, a very demanding role. Now apply even 4 years of the demands of that office to the projected decline that would have happened anyway in the next 4 years. Doesn't look good or inspire confidence.

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