Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kurt Havelock

I find the Kurt Havelock story interesting. This guy was denied a license to open a tacky bar around dirty scottsdale. Then he goes off and writes a threatening letter to some news outlets. Nothing much there.

Then it gets interesting. Surprisingly he actually shows up in a parking lot near the Super Bowl with an assault rifle and 200 rounds of ammo. Fortunately he came to his senses and turned for home before carrying out any massacre.

What I find interesting is the teasers about the manifesto. It's eight pages. While likely rambling he uses spirited rhetoric about puppet politicians. He also describes the Super Bowl attack as an econopolitical confrontation. When was the last time you head someone use the word econopolitical in a sentence? How many people could open a bar called Drunkenstein's, then go on to write such a document, then actually show up at the Super Bowl with the rifle and ammo. His range is remarkable.

I want to read the full manifesto because it looks like there's a lot of entertaining reading in there. Unfortunately I can't find it on the Web. I'll follow the story. Hopefully when he goes to trial the full manifesto will be publicly released.

I'm not sure what crimes if any he can be charged with. He's only been charged with mailing threatening communications so far. The rifle and ammo stuff is largely protected by the second amendment. He didn't actually carry out the massacre so no crime there. The manifesto his lawyers may try to argue as a letter to the editor type of first amendment personal opinion rather than a specific criminal threat.

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