Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Debt inventory

This is a good time to go over my debts. Currently I have four consumer loans outstanding.
  • TD Emerald Visa about half paid off. Around 12% interest.
  • MBNA MasterCard around maxed. Mostly balance transfer around 5% interest.
  • TD Bank personal loan 4 years to go. Around 12% interest.
  • Car loan on my 2005 Honda Civic around 2 ½ years to go. Only around 2% interest.
So four loans to go. That's about four too many for my liking. Debt is slavery. I've done fairly well the last few months getting a handle on the debt and stopping the increase and starting to decrease the total amount. My goal is to be debt free eventually.

It will take a while to get there. The debt is the result of of bad life choices over many years. It can't be wiped out in six months. The positive news is that I'm solvent today. With no new borrowing the legacy debts will eventually be retired. As long as my income can remain steady then hopefully I should be OK.

My goal is to pay off the TD Visa by the end of this year. That account has the lowest outstanding balance and the highest interest rate. If all goes well that should be possible.

I'll be glad when the debts are gone. There's lots of stuff I want to do and get. But those things are not necessities so they can wait a little while.

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