Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Aches and pains

I was slowed down a bit by injuries and illness over the last little while.

A couple of weeks ago my back was bothering me. It was a strange type of back pain for me. It was in the center of the back and it felt like it was more inside. It actually hurt more overnight while I slept and woke me up from the pain. When I got up it was pretty stiff and I couldn't move very well until around the middle of the morning.

At the same time as the back pain my left knee was feeling strange. It seemed when I moved around it would bother me enough to notice. It was kind of strange dealing with two types of pain at the same time.

I was a bit worried, especially with the back as it was hard to sleep through the night. Usually you heal at night when asleep, not get injured. I tried propping a pillow under my back and that seemed to help a bit. Still I was thinking I might have to, shudder, see a doctor.

I decided to give it a rest and not go running for a week. That actually helped, I think I may have been overdoing it a bit. Then I started sleeping better which was a relief. Slowly my back and knee felt better and they've been feeling back to normal again which I'm glad about.

I've gone on a couple of shorter runs and they have gone well. I went for a run tonight and it was nice. I find I'm enjoying getting back into running after all these years. So hopefully they will stay well for a while and I won't over exert.

After my back and knee started feeling a bit better I had a sore throat for a few days. It was right after getting back from the work trip to Ontario. I think the long travelling two of the three days I was away took a tool. Plus most everyone at the office was sick at that time. So I treated that with neo citran and salt water. It hung around for a while but I tried attacking it from the very start so I think that helped. So that's cleared up again for now. Again the overexertion comes back to bite you.

So I'm glad to be feeling better again for now. I hope it can last for a while.

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