Thursday, June 18, 2009

CTV the listener

Sometimes I'll see a commercial for the CTV show The Listener. I could never watch that show. Even with the commercials within 5 seconds I think "this show doesn't make any sense".

The reason it doesn't make any sense is because the show is about a fellow who can read people's minds. The thing about that I can't get past is this. If I could read minds I would just be a professional card player. If you can read minds then you would know what your opponents have, you can effectively "see their cards". So any show about a mind reader could only then be a show about a pro poker and blackjack player. I look at the commercials for the episodes and I just think "why isn't he playing cards?"


Speaking of ATV. If Steve Murphy wants to take another week of vacation that's fine. I don't mind Joanne Clancy filling in at all. See looks fine and has a very pleasant on air presence.

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