Sunday, June 14, 2009

lunch at Hooters

Over the weekend I expanded my cultural horizons. I went to a restaurant I hadn't been to before. I had lunch at Hooters on Main Street.

I met up with a former co worker and a guy I work with now. It was pretty good there. I had Keith's light and wings with hot sauce and they were all right. The Hooters girl who served us definitely delivered.

I've wanted to go there ever since it opened, just to see what it was about. It wasn't disappointing. I'm glad I went. The others there said it was pretty good too. We may go back there again, maybe this fall. There's some other Hooters fans too so maybe we'll get a couple more people next time.

It was a bit of a personal treat to myself to go. I wanted to do something, a small indulgence, to mark the special occasion of paying off the credit card debts.

On the consumer debt front things are going fairly well. It appears to be tracking to pay off the remaining TD loan some time this year. That would be great to get that done in 2009. I may yet become a freeman. Perhaps I'll yet emerge from beta with Me 1.0 after a 20+ year delay.

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