Wednesday, January 13, 2010

end of gas discounts in Nova Scotia

It appears the NDP government has a new scheme to screw over the driving public. They are planning to prohibit gas station discounts. see article

Well that sucks. For anyone who drives at all these discounts of 2% to around 5% make a material difference in your budget. Easily up to several hundred dollars a year [think taxi drivers, two vehicle families, etc]. Right now I get 2 cents a litre with Ultramar valumax card plas an extra 2% cash back by using the ultramar national bank mastercard to purchase.

We're already getting killed on the price of gas, and now the government wants to take away the little relief we can get. And lol at the Orwellian doublespeak in the article of "Well, I can give comfort to Nova Scotians that ... we make a very good decision ... for consumers". Riiight, now it's for our own good to outlaw the discounts.

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