Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My arms were sore all day Sunday. I helped a friend move on Saturday. His former girlfriend is moving from their townhouse to a nearby apartment.

I'd helped them move in around 18 months ago. I guess they didn't last long living together. From the move last time I kind of knew what to expect. And it was about the same. Disorganized, not really prepared. There was a good sized crew there to help. For the number of people there and the amount of stuff to move and the distance the whole thing should have been done in about 2 hours easy. When I left after 4 hours it was finally at least all at the new place.

But alas there was no cube van only his brother's regular pickup truck. So it was many trips back and forth. In the new place they haven't painted yet so it was cramped to stay inside the walls. At the townhouse we were slowed down by many loose unboxed items and other lack of preparation such as beds not taken apart yet etc. Plus there were shall we say issues between my friend and his now former live in and that caused distraction and delay.

But anyway it's done now. I was thinking of moving myself to a better apartment this year. There have been some distractions and delays there too but I may still get it done this year. I think I can safely predict it will go a lot smoother than this move, at least for the volunteer helpers.

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