Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toronto G20 demonstration riots

Well the G20 is over and I think most of us are glad it is.

Over the weekend there was wall to wall coverage of the demonstrations and the police response.

It's incredible really by Monday everyone who had access to the mainstream media was criticizing the police and the police have been on the defensive ever since. So 48 hours later and we already have historical revisionism about the events of the weekend! It took about two decades for the revisionism and reeducation around the October crisis to be accepted. I guess we're moving at Internet speed now.

On Saturday the riots were in full swing. Police cars burning, windows being smashed, looting, all in broad daylight. I think there were more police cars torched than arrests. By Sunday the cops had had enough of being embarrassed and humiliated on international TV and had reestablished the rule of law. Good, about time. After all their motto is "to serve and protect". That means protect the property of law abiding citizens and businesses from criminal elements within the demonstrations.

So on Sunday a bunch of people got arrested and now some demonstrators are complaining it may have been a bit rough. Oh boo hoo. Here's the thing. The situation with the police response is the fault of the "peaceful" demonstrators. Because they in fact weren't peaceful! It was obviously a riot, not a peaceful demonstration.

Some of the activists have attempted to distinguish themselves from the hoodlums. This is hogwash. If the "vast majority" of the demonstrators were peaceful then why did they stand by and let this supposed "tiny minoriy" run wild. If the peaceniks outnumbered the black block 100:1 or more then why didn't they do something to obstruct the criminals in their own midst? Instead they stood aside, tacitly cheering on the black block or even joining and assisting them. It was disgraceful; criminals openly walking up and smashing windows and nobody thought to block them from doing it. Then they sheltered them and let them blend back into the crowd. If they wanted "peace" then why didn't they do something to create peace by disrupting the criminal opportunist element within their own ranks?

As "peaceful" demonstrators it was their responsibility to keep the demonstration peaceful. Instead the peaceful protesters chose to stand by during the riots and left it to the police to do the dirty work. And that's what the police did, they dealt with the criminals. They were successful. Hundreds of arrests and no police cars were burned Sunday.

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