Friday, October 08, 2010

Bad Santa

Last weekend I was at the library with my kids. While passing the DVD section I happened to notice the Bad Santa movie. I picked it up and watched it this week - when the kids weren't around it was rated R.

I didn't know much about it except that I'd wanted to see it in the theatre those years ago. It's a dark comedy. The story of a con man mall Santa and his midget assistant who case out the stores they work in each Christmas season while planning to rob the store and crack the safe. The Santa character is a messy drunk and rude to the kids.

The movie was funny in parts with some crude and slapstick humour. Especially the scene when Santa comes to work drunk, falls over the display, then punches out the paper mache  reindeer in a fit of paranoia.

The ending was pretty well done and I'm glad I saw it. I don't think I'd got a movie for myself at the library before. There are a few more movies like this one I wanted to see in the theatre but didn't for whatever reason so maybe I'll take out 1-2 a month or so and go through them.

The to-see list includes Constantine, Planet of the Apes, The Abyss, Kill Bill, Iron Man. Probably a few more I'll think of or remember if I start looking.

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