Tuesday, September 28, 2010

what happened to nomarriage.com?

I've found the answer to that question. nomarriage was a great site. I discovered it back on the good old days on HP. The segue is the infamous doughboy Century21 commercial.

As they say on the forums, straight out of nomarriage. So what happened? It appears the main nomarriage.com link is now down. Some good news though. With a bit of Googling I found the companion sites FireYourWife and SingleAbroad. The SingleAbroad page captures the spirit of the nomarriage site which was like SingleAbroad in so much more entertaining and compelling detail.

The old nomarriage content is now a book which you have to pay to see. Here's the nomarriage toc of what I was lucky to be able to read for free. So I guess that's what happened, he put the content into a paid content book, oh well. It's well worth the read though if you haven't yet. A truly eye opening perspective on what I might call "the problem with no name".


I'll add my little nomarriage story. Back at a previous employer it was a Friday lunch which we did around twice a month or so. There were 5 of us guys in the lunch room sitting around a round table having some free pizza or w/e it was that day.

So one guy starts in about his recent vasectomy. He said the doctor told him he still had some swimmers so keep doing what you were for protection. He then bemoaned that what they were "doing" was abstinence. He added that he didn't know where his second child came from since sex in his marriage basically ended after the first child was born. At the time he was in the process of building a large new house for his wife and family.

Another guy at the table who had also built a large and expensive new house within the previous year added that yeah he had sex about 4-5 times a year. Another married with 2 children kind of shrugged and said his situation was the same. There was another guy at the table married house but no kids yet he was shocked about this revelation about sex and the married man. I didn't really say much my marriage had failed by that point so I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to extrapolate. Sure small sample size but I don't think it's an anomaly. The unusual thing was that people actually talked about it.


Given all this it's no wonder that the number of marriages in Canada declines every single year. Virtually all of the bride/wedding shops in Dartmouth have closed in the last few years, as you would expect. This recent ruling re prostitution will provide another alternative. Just saying, for less than the monthly payment on an SUV you can get a quality encounter twice a month with a young attractive partner who acts at least as enthusiastic about it as the wives discussed here.


Anonymous said...

So how's the sex life of a single guy working out?

Rob said...

anon, it doesn't take much to be better than when I was married. a lot cheaper too than the cost of building a new house or a daily 1 hr commute each direction