Sunday, March 11, 2012

cyclers be careful!

Well the signs of spring are appearing. Motorcycles, birds chirping, skateboarders, corvettes, runners, cyclers. About the cyclers. Last week during a short trip there were two instances where cyclers did dangerous moves which could have resulted in them being injured.

The first time I was going up Radcliffe a rider took the left and didn't really have enough time to get through. I saw him in plenty of time and went off the gas pedal to let him through. He had a nice bike and the full riding gear and really should have known better.

So then I get to Lacewood and I'm taking the right during the daytime. This street is busy and you have to watch for your opening to get in. So after a little bit it clears some and I go to proceed and what appears right in front of me out of nowhere? A woman in her 20s on a bike! Yikes. Luckily for her I double checked before proceeding and hit the brakes in time for her.

She was in a winter coat and jeans, no helmet. What a dunce. Riding on a sidewalk on the wrong side of the road. Then she comes up to the busy intersection and proceeds to ride right into the drivers blind spot when she knows for certain the driver is looking to the left for an opening. She also absolutely knows that openings are fleeting and when there's a chance the driver will swiftly proceed. Still she drives right into that hazard. She also know it was about the first cycling day of the year and most drivers aren't expecting to be on the lookout for cyclists. Certainly not adult cyclers in the blind spot on the sidewalk on the wrong side of the road! She took 0% responsibility or effort for her own safety and left it entirely on a multitasking driver.

Luckily the driver by chance saw her in time to stop. I heard from a coworker there were a couple of bumps in the south end with cyclers and cars. After what I saw that day it is unsurprising. Riders be careful and use common sense. If an accident happens with a car you are going to take the worst of it.

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