Sunday, March 11, 2012


I went to the optometrist last week. I hadn't been there since late 2008. I was putting it off because I'd been getting killed on spending by the dentist the last couple years with the wisdom teeth and that periodontal thing. So I didn't want to spend much more.

But it was time for a check up. The visit went pretty well. It was at Family Vision in Clayton Park. Nice office. I was in and out in around an hour. Every time I go there I get a different optometrist. The Dr. said my prescription now is very slightly stronger than my glasses. But not different enough to make it worth buying new. So that's good I don't need new glasses.

The visit was $93. I think benefits will cover some of that, not sure. If not then no biggie it's good to have it done for 2 more years or so for less than a hundred.

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