Sunday, April 29, 2012

After America by Mark Steyn

I finished another book. It was After America by Mark Steyn.

It was a while to get it. I had mentioned I wanted it for Christmas but it didn't come in. Then I was on the hold list at the library for a couple of months.

It was worth the wait. It is the follow on book to America Alone. In this book Steyn takes a more pessimistic view. The election of Obama represents a cultural and financial tipping point. From the permanent trillion dollar annual deficits with no plan or intent to get under control, to the house reps who have held their seats for literally decades.

Steyn is thorough. There are many citations to back his presentation of facts. There are around 40 pages of references at the end of the book. The book reads like his columns on National Review and there is some overlap in the material. Still with more pages to work with Steyn is able to expand his ideas more fully.

I like Steyn. I wish I could have gone to Steynamite in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Despite the more gloomy tone Steyn does also take an inspired tack, especially at the end. For America it's not yet too late. With a birth rate still at population sustaining they are not in as terminal a demographic decline as Europe. The question is does America want to turn it around? Or are they content at this point to stop leading and just manage the decline.

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