Monday, April 02, 2012

Halifax police crackdown on kids

Saw a ridiculous story on ATV tonight. On Friday night the Halifax police took time to blow off the usual shootings and stabbings to shut down a kids street hockey game. Nice one cops.

There are what, 15 outstanding unsolved murders in the last 18 months? Never mind, let's bust that illegal kids street hockey ring. It's a disgrace, an embarrassment that Canada's game can be attacked like this. Hockey and kids are our identity and this should not be allowed to stand.

I've written before here about the modern police choosing to avoid pursuing and confronting real criminals and instead pick on easy, soft targets. I'm glad the mom went on ATV to expose this. Too bad ATV didn't do some actual real journalism and expose the individual who called the cops in the first place on the kids and give him some well deserved screen time. Note to ATV: evil cannot be allowed to hide behind a veil of secrecy.


If the Halifax police are now so concerned about street crime how about an update on the case where a co-worker located a stolen cell phone that had been resold on kijiji. The phone and other items had been stolen in a break in from his car. After much prodding and many inquiries the police finally assigned a detective to the case. After much more prodding he identified the kijiji fence.

Of course the police declined to arrest or press charges against the fence. They also traced it back to the number the fence bought the stolen cell phone off. Their excuse for dropping the case was that the number had been disconnected. They were too indifferent to pursue Aliant to subpoena the name owner of the disconnected number at the time the crime had been connected.

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