Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Last Red Tories

A piece in the Comical Herald a little while ago got my attention. I was surprised to learn there is a pc party in Canada.

wow I can't believe that party exists. The tiny number of remaining Red Tories have fittingly found a Mulroney-era cabinet minister to lead their party back to glory. Good luck with that. 

No surprise it is a Mulroney era fossil. After all that's when the Red Tory era finally ended, with the total defeat of their chosen one Kim Campbell from which they never recovered.

Eventually Harper from the Reform Party took over and he had no use for the elites, the Red Tories. He tossed them all out. Joe Clark, Kim Campbell, Mulroney, Kim Collins, Maureen McTeer, Lucien Bouchard, John Buchanan, many more. These elites, while prominent, were generally disconnected with the grassroots and had led the party to electoral disaster. Look at Kim Campbell. So elite that when she was done with the school board and decided to assume her rightful place in parliament all three parties recruited her! 

That says it all about her ideology and the ideology of the Red Tories. In general they became comfortable with the elite consensus, where elections provided a "choice" between left of centre, the left of left of centre, and ever so slightly to the right of left of centre.

Alas the electorate decided it didn't need three left of centre parties. Let's review Harper's election record.

- improbably held Paul Martin to a minority
- defeated Paul Martin to form a minority
- defeated Stephane Dion for a larger minority
- defeated Jack Layton for a majority

What did the Red Tories accomplish electorally in the numerous post Mulroney, pre Harper elections? No wonder Harper cast them all off on day one.

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