Thursday, July 25, 2013

50th anniversary

My parents had their 50th anniversary a little while ago. It was a good get together, kept it small.

I had the task to put together a slide show. I found the old 1960s projector from Eatons at my parents place. Plugged it in at my place and it seemed to work. Then smoke and sparks started flying out of it! I quickly unplugged and blew out the flames from the front panel. Put it outside on the concrete as a precaution.

So that was that. Luckily on kijiji there were a few projectors and I was able to get a good one c. early 1980s for $30. kijiji is awesome.

It took a while to to through the reels of slides and come up with a set for the party. But I was able to come up with a reel of 100 and about 25 more in a second reel. If I really tried I could have cut it down to one reel but nah. The slide show went over well so I was glad about that. My younger son ran the clicker. The slides ran from the mid 1960s to about 1980.

So now it's done. It's been a lot of change since the 40th and 25th anniversaries. Some for the better and some not so. It was good that this 50th was able to happen.

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