Wednesday, January 29, 2014

working from home

I've been working from home for a few weeks now from early January. It was announced last October and is now running. My badge at the old office was cancelled for some unknown reason so there's no going back.

It's going pretty well so far. I certainly don't miss travelling to work and back each day. Many things are similar to before I still get a shower and get dressed each morning. Maybe a shade not as nice but I haven't yet converted to all day sweatpants.

On the ground floor in my building with electric vents it's always a challenge to keep it warm enough at reasonable cost. I have been using the Presto HeatDish I got at Costco which a friend recommended last year for the apartment. It's been a great find. Especially for computer work at home where you generally stay fixed in one position. I wish I'd got it last year. Generally I only have the dish on during the day and all other heaters off and it has worked well enough.

It's nice I don't have to make and bring a lunch any more, yay. Still I like to eat lunch. I used to get a peanut butter and jam sandwich pretty much every day as that was the fastest and easiest to make. I haven't had that once since work from home. At home with the toaster I can do a bit better. I still want to be quick and avoid generating excessive dishes. I had a grilled cheese the first day at home and it was ok. Since then pretty much just toasting the bread and putting peanut butter on one and jam on the other. Maybe I'll check the grocery store many years ago I used to make sandwiches with meats and with toasting and mayo this has potential. I picked up a new toaster long overdue as my old one wasn't doing a good job for a long time.

With the work from home work ordered this desk from Steelcase. It was bigger than I expected, they had to take the door off the room to get it in. I wish I'd ordered the next smaller model. Along with the stuff from my cleared out cubicle I'm still trying to figure out how to absorb it into the space. It does get me finally moving on a long overdue kijiji project to clear out old unused stuff and hopefully that will help with the crowding.

Historically going back to 2007 there has always been a real focus and importance around where I live for where I work. So a fast, convenient and cost effective commute has been the key driver when choosing where to live. Now today with work from home where I live and where I work are now the same. Which means I could live anywhere. So I could move to Cape Breton, Springhill, Moncton, Montreal or Saskatoon and it wouldn't make any difference to my employer. Moving isn't on the radar screen at this time but it does create some possibilities.

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