Sunday, January 05, 2014

happy new year

wow January 5th already. back to work tomorrow, ugh. still it's good to have a job to go to. much better to face back to work tomorrow than to have to face pounding the pavement.

on new years eve I didn't have the kids for the first time in a few years. they're getting older on me. I went down to the casino to fill in the time. kids in the next day so I didn't want to drink. it was fine there. the countdown passed and everyone went back to their slot machines and table games.

figured it would be busy so I just took the bus down. the city had a nice thing with free buses and extended service so you could stay till midnight and still get home. so that's what I did, caught the bus at 12:45 and home around 1:30. It was nearly a half hour wait for the bus. I was very happy when it rode up the hill to the stop. It was freezing cold out.

sitting on the bus I thought how nice it was to be out of the cold with a nice seat and a free ride nearly to my place. how glad I was that the service was extended and it did arrive after the half hour and I was able to catch the ride home.

most years I don't do resolutions and I don't really have any this year. I guess it's just to notice and appreciate the positive little things a bit more. like when a bus arrives from the cold. and having a warm place to return to. and a job to go to on Mondays. and being paid to stay home on vacation for a few weeks over Christmas.

there's a lot of unknowns heading into 2014 and this time next year stuff that isn't on the radar screen today may end up being important. so whatever happens will happen. I can just try to do the right things and appreciate the positive and good results will follow.

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