Tuesday, July 07, 2015

ATV 6 o clock news sucks

I frequently have the occasion to watch the ATV 6 o clock news aka CTV News at Six. That program is painful to watch. It's so boring. I don't control the controller so I'm stuck with it which sucks.

The basic problem is that it's too long and they struggle to come up with an hour of content. I don't even watch live at 5, and the 6 o clock is mind numbing. How can people sit through 2 hours of that every day?

The ATV 6 o clock news is filled with junk and filler. It would be so much better if they just deleted so much of the crud

  • lifeline (please end this terrible segment)
  • webpoll (put this out of its misery)
  • second weather forecast
  • just for last
  • weather could easily be made shorter and more to the point. grandma says has run its course
  • interview segment could be made shorter easily with no loss in value
  • financial markets
  • filler fluff pieces
It would be so much better if the 6 o clock cut out the junk. If that makes it a 30, 40 or 45 minute show then great. Live at 5 could be left pretty much as is and just go with a 90 minute segment with far more value to the audience for time spent and a much more useful and entertaining news product.

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