Thursday, June 22, 2017

Women and Men Fighting

I've noticed a trend recently in some popular culture. We see more women and men fighting.

For example in a recent Avengers movie, and in the show Vikings, we see women and men squaring up and direct one on one fighting. Historically this did not happen. Men fought men and women more rarely fought women. But never direct straight up woman v man fistfight/swordfight.

I noticed that in these fights the women always seemed to win the fight. Which seems unlikely. If everything is now equal, then in general the women should lose half these straight up fights and win half the time. So the women always winning is an interesting statement.

It's something new. Historically men and women never fought directly on screen. In general we also don't straight up fistfight in public. But maybe there is a trend of acceptability. I guess if everything is equal then "who you fight" can now be whoever you want.


Alas as we saw in Cologne on New Years Eve, life does not imitate art. When it came to it the fighting wasn't so equal. The German men that night either weren't around, or were too few, not strong enough, expecting the authorities to deal with it for them, or just not motivated to fight on behalf of their women.

I guess they aren't "their" women, and if fighting is equal now as the Avengers and Vikings tell us then the German ladies were free to defend themselves and their property.


There's this stat that surfaces from time to time. It's the concern about domestic violence in lesbian relationships., for example.
so it exists. so what.

I will provide a theory that there's nothing "special" about the female abuse in lesbian relationships. I believe it's the same amount of abuse as men in heterosexual relationships experience. It's just in lesbian we're allowed to talk about it. After all, the women in many lesbian relationships such as Kathleen Wynne, Elizabeth Gilbert, Anne Heche, Lindsay Lohan come over or back from traditional relationships with men. So it's the largely the same women in lesbian relationships, committing the same abuse.

To a man in a relationship facing abuse. Here are two good options.

a) leave the abuser
b) hit back

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